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Monthly Archives: May 2023

    3 New Divisions

    By Brittany Conner | May 31, 2023

    Here at Jooma Homes we struggled to find someone to do everything we needed when it came to building our own houses. That is why our builder added 3 new divisions to build your dream home, barn, fencing, and pool! Let’s get designing today! Read More

    Did you know?

    By Brittany Conner | May 17, 2023

    What is all this talk about interest rates about?! Everyone is concerned about them rising, waiting for them to go down. What does that really mean? How does that affect me? The interest rate is the cost of borrowing money or a loan. This is typically expressed in an annual percentage, for example today’s interest... Read More

    National Pet Week!

    By Brittany Conner | May 11, 2023

    Happy National Pet week to ALL of our furry, or furless friends out there. We love our pets here at Jooma Homes and consider them to be one of the family. As experienced pet owners, and livestock owners, we know a thing or two about finding the perfect home for them. Did you know that... Read More

    Spring Cleaning and Spring Sellng

    By Brittany Conner | May 3, 2023

    Cleaning your house before selling it is a great way to make it more attractive to potential buyers. A clean and well-maintained home is more likely to sell quickly and for a better price. We compiled a list of some of our favorite home cleaning tips to prep your home for selling below. Start by... Read More