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Love is in the Air or in New Construction!

Is it Better to Build or to Buy?

This past week we have had the pleasure of attending the International Builders’ Show and it was stunning. We learned SO much already and cannot wait to share all of the amazing designs and trends with you. That brings us to the love part, we believe that your home should be somewhere you truly love and building a custom home can do just that. There are many benefits from purchasing a new construction home. 

New Construction?

Building a new construction home means you get to design exactly the home you envisioned living in. You get a team of builders and designers readily available to help. New construction homes may have certain financing deals that are not necessarily available with resales. Lastly, new construction homes have little to no home repairs, everything is brand new! They also often come with a new home warranty. Contact us today with your new construction questions! Let’s fall in love with your new home. 

International Builders’ Show 2023

A Home Just for YOU!

We believe that if you can’t find it, build it! Your home should be exactly what you want it to be, your sanctuary. Our team can make that happen. We have a team of designers and builders that work together to make your dreams come true. We also have expert agents that can bring everyone together and give you updates on your new construction home.

Special Financing for New Construction

This one is a case by case situation of course, but many banks and lenders offer special financing with new construction. We have a few deals up our sleeves to save you money and protect your interest rate. Let us know if you’d like to talk to one of our financial experts. These deals are also exclusively for our new construction neighborhoods and are not available on resale homes.

Home Warranty

This one seems self explanatory, but generally new construction homes come with a home warranty. This means that a lot of items in the home are covered incase of accidents, malfunctions, etc. Each neighborhood has different coverages so be sure to ask us about these when deciding on your new neighborhood.

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