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National Pet Week!

Happy National Pet week to ALL of our furry, or furless friends out there. We love our pets here at Jooma Homes and consider them to be one of the family. As experienced pet owners, and livestock owners, we know a thing or two about finding the perfect home for them. Did you know that 66% of US households have pets? There are a few things to consider when buying a perfect home for your pet.

Space to play!

Exercise is important when it comes to your furry friends and some pets like horses and other livestock have specific requirements for what they need in a specific area. The good thing is when it comes to your future yard, you have options.

  • Many people opt for a fenced in yard, this is a great option for those pets that like to run and need the space for it. We also love a good fenced in yard for kids too, keeps everyone safe. When considering building a fence you often have to think of the HOA, is there an HOA, does the HOA allow a fence, does the fence need to be a certain color, size, etc. Your real estate agent should be able to answer all of these questions prior to deciding if this is the home for you.
  • Electric fence, some areas do not allow fences or some frankly do not like the look of a fence so an electric fence is the best option for them. Theses fences are invisible to us, but keep your pets safe inside. One thing to consider with this is that other animals still have access to your yard and you to do not get the privacy you would have with a home fence.
  • We also have experience with larger animals such as horses and donkeys, these animals need a different type of fencing and barns to keep them safe. Having plenty of room for these types of animals is important and we can help you find just the space for them, and help you with the fencing and barns too.


Not only is space important for choosing your home, but also the location of your home. Do you prefer to be closer to town, easier access to vets, parks, stores, or do you prefer to be further away from those things. Whichever you choose researching this is an important part in choosing your future home for your pets. Google is your best friend, check out the local veterinarians, local pet shops, groomers, etc. We also have our favorites we can recommend to you, just ask!


Last but not least, a huge thing to consider when choosing your pet’s home is safety. Knowing your pet is important in this case, but if you know you have a runner, maybe a home on a busy street is not the best for you. If you have pets that like to eat the wildlife, ensure there are no poisonous plants around the home that are easily accessible. It is definitely worth considering any potential hazards for your pet to ensure their new home is safe for them.

Still have questions when it comes to buying the perfect home for your pet? Give us a call! We are happy to help!

Can you guess who’s pet is who’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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